latest edwin sightings

Day 1 ◦ City center

After a long night in the lab, several of us personally witnessed Edwin after we crossed 8th Street to get to the parking garage. We were in such a hurry we crossed the street in the middle of the block instead of walking to the crosswalk, and BOOM. The executive director claims she heard someone whisper “FRIENDS?” in her ear.

Day 2 ◦ VCU Monroe Park

Kelsey, a VCU freshman, sent us this picture of an astounding paranormal entity. We believe it to be Edwin because it seems to follow someone who is walking in the crosswalk when it is not safe to walk. She snapped it at Belvidere and Broad in between classes.

Day 3 ◦ City Center

We received several reports that Edwin was spotted on 7th and Broad this weekend after a show at The National. We think it was a particularly rowdy show and people were involved in some heavy drinking and spilling out into the road, where people in cars had to veer around them. Anyway, word has it Edwin was seen following around some drunk concert-goers. We can't really verify this because the people who submitted this report were also inebrieted.

Cross at crosswalks
Wait for signal
Don't walk distracted

Day 4 ◦ East End

We don't have a photo to prove it, because the person who saw Edwin was driving and had their phone safely stowed away, but they think they saw Edwin following a man who was walking along I-64 (which is illegal and highly dangerous, don't do it, people!).

Day 5 ◦ Brook Road

A northside mom snapped this photo of her kids while trick-or-treating. We think the abherration behind the family loitering in the road could be Edwin.


A nursing student reported he felt something tugging on his shirt and humming while crossing Broad Street. According to his report, he didn't get a good look at the entity because he was watching Fortnite replays on his phone while crossing the street.


Edwin Thomas was born on August 21, 1997. He’s the loneliest ghost in Richmond and has been dead for a few years now. He was killed while crossing the street in the downtown Richmond area. Nobody knows for sure what he was doing in his final moments, but legend has it that he was looking at his phone (and not at his surroundings) when a car hit him.

Edwin was raised in NOVA, but he decided to move to Richmond because he liked the eeriness of it. One of his favorite pastimes was walking around Hollywood Cemetery. He used to sit by the tombstones and draw for hours. He also wrote poetry. He was huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe. Some say he wanted to be an artist, but was too shy to show any of his artistry with anyone.

Without his family, friends, or his phone, he’s forced to find new friends who can join him in the afterlife. He now spends his time trying to get people to jaywalk, stare at their phones as they cross the street, and will do anything he can to ensure people don’t take ownership of their own safety.

People say that Death told him he could pick anywhere he wanted to haunt. He chose a few specific spots around Richmond because he knows these parts lack certain infrastructure or they’re densely populated:

  • VCU area
  • Downtown
  • Church Hill
  • Manchester
  • Chamberlayne

While the mystery remains as to when Edwin will completely cross over and leave Richmond for good, one thing is for sure--his presence has taken a toll on pedestrian deaths and injuries. In 2017 there were over 150 traffic-related deaths or serious injuries in the city streets of Richmond.

To help ward off Edwin, you could follow some superstitions and get a cold iron or hang a horseshoe. But we want the community to get involved, so we’re asking for the community’s help. So here are some links with information on what you can do to help:

Vision Zero
Sidewalk Mural Project

Top Ways to Avoid Edwin

  1. Don’t cross the street at any other place besides the crosswalk.
  2. Don’t cross the street while the hand is red.
  3. Look both ways before you cross the street.
  4. Don’t cross the street while looking at your phone.
  5. Don’t assume cars will stop for you because you think you have the right of way, regardless if you do or don’t.
  6. Don’t assume you have the right of way just because you’re a pedestrian.
  7. Don’t walk into oncoming traffic.
  8. Don’t walk across the interstate.
  9. Don’t jam on some headphones while crossing the street.
  10. Don’t cross in an area that is not well-lit.
  11. Look both ways.
  12. Don’t cross diagonally.
  13. Don’t cross the bike lane without looking.

BONUS: Don't cross the street while super drunk!

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